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Are you a company or label looking for a suitable partner to drop your NFTs? - Then you are exactly right here! We offer full service from strategy to drop and beyond.

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Full service

Brand- & drop Strategy

No matter if Whitelist Minting, Raffle Minting or Public Minting. We can realize every possibility to make the perfect start into the NFT world.

Design & Production

With our Creative Team we can develop any idea as NFT. No matter if illustration, 3D graphics, 3D animation, music or videos. Moon is the limit!


The Smart Contract and the Mintingpage are the heart of your NFT and the release. We only have High Experts in our team, who work out all processes down to the smallest detail with the highest quality standard.

Marketing & Digital PR

We offer you the best network of artists, influencers and market experts, so that your NFT drop gets off to a rocket start.

Community Management

The success of your NFT project stands and falls with the community. We build the complete infrastructure from Discord to Twitter with daily updates, promotions and raffles, so that your community grows fast.


In our own production, we can produce all merchandise quickly and in the highest quality and process it via our own fulfillment.


Kollegah | 1st NFT "ALLEIN"

The first officially NFT by Kollegah x NFTawesome.io. This is a 1 of 1 edition with the name "ALLEIN". It is a mixture of the cover and instrumental of Kollegha's latest single which is called "ALLEIN".